South of France Weddings

I never really got past the childhood excitement that accompanied the family holidays to the South of France. To this day, there’s something powerfully nostalgic about the mediterranean heat and smell of pines that takes me straight back to dropped ice creams, 1 inch coats of suncream, and scorched grass under bare feet.

My first mediterranean wedding was just south of the French / Spanish boarder in a small town named Cadaques. It was my first international wedding and it truly was one of the most magical events I’ve been lucky enough to be part of. A wonderful experience that I’m sure will stay with me for the rest of my life. Not just for the breathtakingly beautiful bride and her truly charastmaic groom, but the vintage James-bond-cars winding through cobbled streets, the white stone church reflecting the glare of the harsh sun in front of perfect blue skies. A sense of simple luxury mixed with a rich history of art. I was smitten.

South of France weddings soon followed with a friends wedding in the village of Mougins, just above Cannes. A place that has to be seen to be believed. Then my first wedding at the stunning Chateau de la Couronne, where I remain great friends with the wonderful family that own it, and witnessed the the after-party to end all after-parties at the local club where the bar was set alight by flaming sambucas as just the opening act.

South of France wedding photography just spell adventure for me. Admittedly there is no romance in Ryanair, but every adventure has to start somewhere…

South of France Weddings - grass blowing in windSouth of France Weddings - front of building with blue door and crates of fruit and vegetablesSouth of France Weddings - bride and groom walking up street lined with foliageSouth of France Weddings - bride and groom with guests walking down path outdoorsSouth of France Weddings - flowers and chateau South of France Weddings - bride with her back to the camera in white wedding dressSouth of France Weddings - bride and groom by a windmillSouth of France Weddings - bride and groom embracing in a fieldSouth of France Weddings - bride and groom holding each other in a fieldSouth of France Weddings - Bride kissing groom on side of the head in a fieldSouth of France Weddings - bride and groom walking hand in hand along path outdoors

Whist I am based in London based, I am looking forward to this summer of south of France wedding photography. I already have three trips in June alone!

I do ask that my travel and accommodation expense are covered, but this usually comes out at no more than about £450.

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