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For the past 5 winters San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, has been home for me. And I feel very fortunate to be able to call it so. I never thought I would end up spending so much time living in a place so far from the sea, but here I am! And there’s really no where I’d rather be!

The story started whilst taking an extended sabbatical from photography to prove once and for all that I would never make it as a professional cyclist. I was actively supporting this theory racing nationals in Mexico when I was invited to visit a friend house sitting in a town called San Miguel de Allende. The first time I’d heard the name. It seemed like a good choice for a weekend of training, with the surrounding hills and the elevation of 6500 ft. So I packed my panniers and jumped on a bus from Mexico City to see what the town had to offer. Everything it would turn out!

San Miguel de Allende is a traditional colonial town with colourful cobbled streets around a beautiful cathedral, set amongst rugged green and brown hills. I spent the first few weeks just wandering around, taking in the idillic scenes and posting Instagrams with profoundly insightful hashtags. Mainly #nofilter and #sorrynotsorry.

The town is small and a little off the beaten track. I never considered it as a place to work. I’d been a fashion and wedding photographer for 10 years before aforementioned mid-life crisis, but down time was going to come to an abrupt end when I found myself caught in the middle of a Callejoneada celebration.
The Callejon, (abbreviation for those who know #justsayin) is a traditional wedding parade that often precedes the wedding day at San Miguel de Allende weddings. Don’t be fooled by the use of ’traditional’, unless of course your understanding of ‘tradition’ is for you, your friends and family, to march around the streets at night, armed with seemingly unlimited tequila, a famous donkey named Benito, a 20 strong Mariachi band, and two 15ft puppets. #lit.

The next day I found out who was organising the wedding and introduced myself. I shot my first San Miguel de Allende wedding with Penzi Bodas just a month later and never looked back.

Out of all the places I’d been lucky enough to visit and work, the San Miguel de Allende weddings being organised by Guadalupe and her team at Penzi really are second to none. I think it’s a combination of the climate, the space, the amazing venues, and the amazing design and coordination that Penzi creates. What ever the exact ingredients of the recipe may be, it never disappoints!

The following year San Miguel de Allende was voted the Best City in the World by Conde Nast Traveler and the place exploded.
The first I heard of this new found notoriety was when shooting in NYC, I saw a taxi in Time Square with San Miguel de Allende postered down the side. I thought it was joke. How ever incredible this place was, I wasn’t sure you could put this one-donkey-town (sorry Benito) above Paris or Florence. But there it was.

It was like someone turned the tap on. Every weekend saw more and more visitors, and with them came more and more incredible weddings. It really became the place to get married, and I was more than happy to be the San Miguel de Allende wedding photographer!

I am represented by Quadro Productions in Mexico City for my fashion work and directing, but shoot the majority of my work in the seemingly endless locations here in San Miguel.

I am based in San Miguel de Allende October to May, and London June to September, but am available to photograph weddings anywhere in the world, throughout the year. If I am in town, there are no travel or accommodation expenses.

As a wedding photographer in San Miguel de Allende, I’ve photographed at almost all of the venues in town, The Rosewood, Rancho Las Sabinas, Casa Cece, Casa Hyder, Casa Tortugas, but if you are passing through town and would like to grab a coffee I’d love to hear about your wedding and chat about the service I offer!

You can see my full gallery here, but for further information, to arrange a call, or to pay your deposit, please do not hesitate to contact me!
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