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Over the next five ‘MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS’ posts I am going to share with you the 5 places where almost all of my wedding bookings come from, and tips for how you can make them can work for your business as well.

The second of these 5 is other photographers.

This is so often overlooked, and yet is such important source of enquires for your wedding photography.

Other photographers are so often seen as competition, and not to associate with, but this is such a narrow minded and dated view. I’m beginning to see a shift in attitude as people see the benefits of sharing, but when I stared in photography, I couldn’t get another wedding photographer to reply to a single email!

But building a reciprocal relationship with another photographer, or photographers, to pass on work that you may not be able to do is
far better than just replying that you are not available.
Firstly, it helps the couple.
It helps your fellow photographer.

And, if this is reciprocated by the photographer in the future, it helps you.

But who you form this relationship with is really important. The quality of the recommendation reflects on you and your business.

I looked for people who’s work I respected, that had a similar style to mine, a similar price, and were working in the same geographical areas as I was. I was also looking for someone whom I got on with, and could understand and appreciate what I was trying to do.

I remember sending almost 50 enquires the way of one guy, who said nothing until he sent an email, asking me to redirect the enquires to his website not his email address. Needless to say, he didn’t receive many more referrals from me!

For the last 3 or 4 years I have sent all my double bookings or enquires for jobs I couldn’t do, to Jay Rowden. He’s a great photographer with a similar reportage style, a great guy, and appreciates the value of these referrals by always saying ‘thanks’ and returning the favour where ever possible.

I always bc him in on the email recommendation, not so he can contact the client, but so he knows where his enquiries are coming from, and has a heads-up if they choose to contact him.

I suggest the following steps:

  • Google ‘wedding photographers’ followed by your geographical location.
  • Find someone who’s work you like, with a similar style, and a similar price bracket.
  • Send them an email introducing yourself and asking if they would like to receive referrals for work you can’t do.
  • Bc them in on referrals, but make sure they understand to wait for the client to contact them.
  • After you have done this a couple of times, if they haven’t offered, you can ask them if they would mind returning the gesture and referring clients to you.
After time you will know if it is working for you or not, and you can decide which photographers to maintain the relationship with and whom not.

For me I always choose depth over breadth, so I only have this arrangement with Jay, but you may choose to have to have a handful of photographers to work with.

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