Venues like Barnsley House and its surroundings are, for me, what make Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds arguably the most beautiful place on the planet. On a fine summer’s day, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than at Barnsley House weddings. On a dark Tuesday afternoon in February… I’m open to offers.

I am not entirely impartial though, as I grew up just a couple of miles away, and love the area. I’m not sure if this is why I’m so drawn to the countryside, or if I’d still feel so inspired by it if I’d be born in downtown Delhi. I guess we’ll never know. But I’m certainly not on on my own in my love of the Cotswolds and of Barnsley House weddings.

I’m based half the year in a small town in the hills of central Mexico, called San Miguel de Allende, and am lucky enough that my career has led me to travel extensively. But wherever I am working, I’m always looking for those countryside scenes that shaped my eye from such an early age. Skies, fields, tree-lined paths…. the village pub. We digress.

After my first year of weddings, I knew I wanted to shoot at venues that inspired me. Barnsley House was the first door I knocked on and summers of incredible events soon followed.

Barnsley House Weddings - Building exterior and gardensBarnsley House Weddings - Gardens, outdoor seating and flowersBarnsley House Weddings - Flowers in the gardensBarnsley House Weddings - Outdoor shots of scarecrow and gateBarnsley House Weddings - Outdoor weddings setup with chairs and alterBarnsley House Weddings - Inside room with wedding dress hanging upBarnsley House Weddings - flowers in a glass vase on a tableBarnsley House Weddings - Wedding cardsBarnsley House Weddings - Bride getting her hair straightenedBarnsley House Weddings - Bride sitting down alongside fanBarnsley House Weddings - Groom getting readyBarnsley House Weddings - Groom in his suit posing for photosBarnsley House Weddings - Bride and groom kissing in a fieldBarnsley House Weddings - Bride and groom embracing outdoorsBarnsley House Weddings - wedding party holding flowers and in suitBarnsley House Weddings - couple hand in hand in a fieldBarnsley House Weddings - wedding party celebrating in the gardensBarnsley House Weddings - wedding guests conversing in the gardens and posing for photographsBarnsley House Weddings - Wedding guests talking in the gardensBarnsley House Weddings - dinner tables and placementsBarnsley House Weddings - table setting for dinnerBarnsley House Weddings - table settingsBarnsley House Weddings - table with dinner setting and flowersBarnsley House Weddings - long shot of the dining room with decorations

For a number of years I shot the advertising campaigns for British fashion brand, Ghost. Whilst the beaches of Mexico and studio’s of East London have their charm, my favourite shoot was their winter campaign in the countryside surrounding Barnsley House. Nowhere do I feel more at home working, than the middle of a muddy field.

Barnsley House Weddings - model posing in fieldBarnsley House Weddings - model in field and by logs in black and redBarnsley House Weddings - model in field in black and white

I also managed to convince Brides magazine to shoot an editorial with me in the same spot a few year previous. Please do not be fooled by the apparent idilic sushine. This blissful 3 minute break in the weather, when this photograph was taken, was a notable anomaly in the several hours of significant wind and rain. For most of the day myself and the team sat huddled in my car while I proclaimed how unusual it was to have such bad weather this time of year. But if truth be told, and if you are British you already know, that it often can be. (Please see below)

Barnsley House Weddings - bride walking in fieldBarnsley House Weddings - bride and groom embracing under and umbrella and stormy sky

Whilst my family are no longer in Chedworth, my parents still live nearby, and make a good act of appearing happy to have me stay for a night or two when I’m working at Barnsley, so I don’t ask for accommodation expenses.

I’ll usually take a Zipcar from East London, that works out between £100 – £200 depending on whether it’s 2 days or 3. Whilst I know the place like the back of my hand, I do like to travel up the day before to walk through the plan for the day and run my ideas past you.

You can check out my portfolio here, and a previous Barnsley House wedding photography shoot here, but please do not hesitate to contact me for availability, pricing and details using the form on the contact page!

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  • Nicola mcguire

    Hi there

    I’m getting married in Barnsley house next month and reallyyyy want to take some of our snaps in a wheatfield like the ones you e previously shot. Do you know where these are in relation to Barnsley house?

    Really appreciate your advice on this!


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