Wedding Photography Equipment

This is everything that goes in the kit bag when I am shooting a wedding. All the photographs on my website have been taken with what is listed below.

It’s the result of 10 years of refining to make the most mobile and yet most effective set of equipment.

It’s important to me that it will fit in my one bag, as I always want to be able to take it all with me on the plane as hand luggage. Therefore if my checked luggage is delayed, or doesn’t arrive, then I still have everything I need to shoot the wedding. I can buy a new toothbrush and tie, but it may be difficult to replace all this kit at short notice, in some remote part of rural France…or Mexico…

The ThinkTank Airport Int. is such a good bag. It fits everything in, but is just small enough to be hand luggage. Problems only arise if an airline has a hand luggage weight limit…

When I am flying, the only two things that I would put in with my checked luggage is the tripod and the Swiss army knife. I carry a mini Manfortto tripod in the ThinkTank, so can do with out the 190 if needs be.

I bought all of my kit from Warehouse Express in the UK and B&H in New York. They seem to consistently have the best prices and good customer service.

When I replaced my Mark II’s with the Mark III’s, it was cheaper for me to fly to NYC and pick them up from B&H, than to buy them in the UK. It also gave me a chance to seriously nerd out for the day in B&H. If you haven’t been there, it’s a must. The place is crazy.

2 x Canon 5D Mark III
Spare batteries

2x Canon Speedlite 580 EX II
2x Plastic feet
Spare batteries
Canon ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter

Canon 70-200mm F 2.8
Canon 28-70mm F 2.8
Canon 16-35mm F 2.8
Canon 50mm F1.2

MacBook Pro
Apple charger

8x San Disk Extreme III 16GB Compact Flash
San Disk Fire Wire reader plus lead

Manfrotto 190 CXPRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod (attached to the outside of the bag, or in with the checked luggage if flying)
Gitzo GH1780 QR Head

Manfrotto mini tripod

Silk cloth
Swiss army knife (checked luggage if flying)


Think Tank Airport International V2.0

If you have any questions about the kit I use, then please do fill in the comment below. Over the next 12 months, I will attempt to deconstruct and share everything I have learnt about my business and the wedding photography industry.
I will be publishing weekly articles on this blog and contributing the corresponding information to the photographer’s resources page.
I will look to offer a transparent, detailed and honest account of how I created and promoted my business, and the styles and techniques I use in my photography and post production.
I hope that this information will be helpful for photographers and brides alike.

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